UN's Environment Program is an Administrative Mess, Internal Study Reveals

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    well, I mean of course, coordinating a new religion can be messy...............hey, look what the pope has to put up with[​IMG]and they have had a 2000 year head start.........

    EXCLUSIVE: The United Nations Environment Program, the flagship for environmental consciousness and creation of a new era of “global environmental governance,” doesn’t know how its money is spent or even who it may be dealing with when it comes to hundreds of corporate, public and non-governmental partners that are “key” to fulfilling its mission, according to a confidential internal study obtained by Fox News.

    UNEP, a $450 million U.N. organization, is also an administrative mess, which ignores its own financial rules, and sometimes doesn’t even reveal who is authorized to sign its checks, the study says.

    UNEP apparently agrees. It has accepted all 17 recommendations contained in the internal study, and is currently attempting to enact them.

    According to the study, that process is supposed to be completed by the end of this month.

    In response to questions from Fox News, a UNEP spokesman declared that “The recommendations of the auditors are now being implemented by UNEP under a practical and agreed time-scale and via a Task Force and, as is standard practice, we report back to the [U.N. auditors] every six months”.

    There are quite a few important things to fix. Among other failings, the study says that UNEP:

    -- doesn’t adequately check out the credentials of its partners, especially in the private sector;

    -- doesn’t even keep adequate records of who it is partnering with, or how well they do at the projects they promise to accomplish;

    --has failed to keep track of millions of dollars raised by some partners, and passed on by UNEP to others outside the normal U.N. financial accounting system;

    --frequently fails to include “essential” information on financial documents;

    --lets officials who don’t have the proper authorization sign off on payouts;

    --and has sometimes used high-minded partnership arrangements to cover purely commercial ventures.

    Moreover, the global organization has sometimes failed to enforce its own rules for staff disclosure, leading to cases of apparent conflict of interest and potential self-dealing. And sometimes, UNEP departed from its normal legal paperwork entirely, as in the case of a licensing deal with the Thomson Reuters Foundation to use UNEP-generated news stories on a humanitarian website, AlertNet, apparently without going through proper channels.

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