Underwear bomber in Fed prison-Can he read Obama's books banned once from Fed Prison?

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    Underwear bomber in Fed prison-Can he read Obama's books banned once from Fed Prison?


    An attorney for a Nigerian man charged with trying to blow up a Northwest Airlines plane near Detroit says he's been transferred to a federal prison.

    it most disturbing to think that while in Federal Prison, the accused might not be able to read the works of Our Most Great Leader, Papa Obama. They have done it before !

    In the past, the remaining elements of the White Army have managed to pull an offensive against our Most Great Leader Papa Obama. Playing upon the fears of the Bourgeoisie, these so called leaders of the movement against our Most Great Leader have managed to ban the greatest works of all time from our prisons.

    How cruel these people are to deny from the lowest class in our repressive capital system, the lumpenproletariat, the beauty and joy of reading our Most Great Leader's work.

    Past Report:

    The federal government's most secure prison has determined that two books written by President Barack Obama contain material "potentially detrimental to national security" and rejected an inmate's request to read them.

    Ahmed Omar Abu Ali is serving a 30-year sentence at the federal supermax prison in Florence, Colorado, for joining al-Qaida and plotting to assassinate then-President George W. Bush. Last year, Abu Ali requested two books written by Obama: "Dreams from My Father" and "The Audacity of Hope."

    But prison officials, citing guidance from the FBI, determined that passages in both books contain information that could damage national security.

    A prison spokeswoman referred questions to the FBI, where a spokeswoman was looking into the matter Thursday evening.

    The documents detailing the prison's rejection of Obama's books are included in court papers for a resentencing hearing scheduled later this month for Abu Ali, a U.S. citizen.

    The rejection is just one indication of the harsh conditions imposed on inmates at the supermax prison, according to Abu Ali's lawyer, Joshua Dratel...

    Prison officials cite specific pages - but not specific passages - in the books that they deem objectionable. They include one page in Obama's 1995 book, "Dreams from My Father," and 22 separate pages in his policy-oriented 2006 book, "The Audacity of Hope." It was not immediately obvious what passages might have been deemed problematic, though nearly half of the pages cited are in a chapter devoted to foreign affairs.

    Why Comrades? I will tell you why-

    They fear the TRUTH of his words will show how right they were in their early support for our Most Great Leader-Papa Obama. Even back in July of last year, our Most Great Leader had already earned the critical death row inmate vote. The lumpenproletariat know who is best to overthrow the repressive system that has brought them to where they are now.

    Just imagine how sick and cruel it is that they will never hear the beauty of these words from our Most Great Leader :

    "It is this world, a world where cruise ships throw away more food in a day than most residents of Port-au-Prince see in a year, where white folks' greed runs a world in need, apartheid in one hemisphere, apathy in another hemisphere... That's the world! On which hope sits!"


    What would prision officials say about these words? That they would promote racial tensions in prisons?

    Please Comrades- it is the truth of our Most Great Leader- Papa Obama, that these people fear

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