Understanding how liberals caused Aurora, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea,etc

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    Suppose Hollywood had promoted Jeffersonian heroes who loved freedom from big liberal government. Suppose they had and were assisting Jefferson in firing the shot heard 'round the world instead of promoting the Joker and other forms of mindless violent liberal mayhem and strong central government.

    Art used to have purpose; now it has only empty liberal destruction as its goal. In the Republican 1950's you could use Hollywood to babysit your children, now they sell your children the Joker. Suppose Hollywood's cultural imperialism was designed to promote freedom from big liberal government and suppose all people were trained to resist the big liberals who wanted to run countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, etc. How could those liberal dictators come to power? But, it cant happen, Hollywood can't promote freedom from Iraq's dictator or anyone else's dictator because it too believes in big liberal government. Hollywood and the left are responsible for the on going horrors of liberal governments all around he world because without knowing it, perhaps, they support big liberal centralized government from whom Jefferson freed us, in America, with his Declaration. Instead of being intelligent and responsible, Hollywood promotes the Joker and promotes big liberal dictatorships with its affectionate silence toward them.
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