U.S. complains to Mexico about Marine funeral

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    Associated Press
    Mexican soldiers, left, in green argue with a group of U.S. Marines, two of whom were carrying non-working ceremonial rifles during the funeral of 22-year-old Juan Lopez in his hometown of San Luis de la Paz in central Mexico. ​

    MEXICO CITY – The United States complained Tuesday after Mexican soldiers interrupted the funeral in Mexico of a U.S. Marine killed in Iraq. Mexico's Foreign Ministry said they were doing their duty.

    At the funeral of Mexican-born U.S. Marine Juan Lopez Rangel last Sunday, armed Mexican soldiers blocked the way of U.S. Marines taking part in the ceremony and demanded they hand over two replica rifles.

    After a brief standoff, the ceremony continued. The U.S. Marines returned to their vehicles and left soon after the ceremony.

    "I have respectfully requested an explanation of why, despite our coordination and compliance with the instructions of Mexican authorities, military personnel of Mexico interrupted the ceremony and made demands that were inconsistent with diplomatic protocol," U.S. Ambassador Tony Garza said in a statement.

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    Think about this event on Memorial Day! Our wonderful buddies the Mexicans!

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