Traffic-Counter: Thessalonians!

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    Here's a comic book stylized pro-traffic patriotic tale involving the securing of pedestrian and online activity representative of 'modernism Utopianism.'

    After all, isn't the modern age about 'evangelical storytelling'?

    I'm not being sarcastic, and this comic book tale is meant to provide a 'sweet-surprise contrast' to the absurdist/noir film Dark City.

    This story I wrote was inspired by the traffic-counting daydream in Acts 20 (KJV Bible):

    "20 And after the uproar was ceased, Paul called unto him the disciples, and embraced them, and departed for to go into Macedonia.

    2 And when he had gone over those parts, and had given them much exhortation, he came into Greece,

    3 And there abode three months. And when the Jews laid wait for him, as he was about to sail into Syria, he purposed to return through Macedonia.

    4 And there accompanied him into Asia Sopater of Berea; and of the Thessalonians, Aristarchus and Secundus; and Gaius of Derbe, and Timotheus; and of Asia, Tychicus and Trophimus."



    Barry Allen was running all around London, since he was sent to Scotland Yard by the Trump Administration for his incredible superhuman speed. Barry called himself the Flash and donned the right catchy outfit/costume and mask to match, which boasted a lightning bolt picture on his chest (which he believed was pure magic). The Flash was to scour London at night every weekend looking for any sign of crime syndicate related activity. Because Flash was so amazingly fast, he could patrol around virtually unnoticed (since speed at that kind of level makes you almost completely invisible).

    Flash went to Arizona University and played football but that was before he received his great speed-gift, an accidental 'side-effect' of a special army experiment he signed up for after being drafted. Once he became the Flash, Barry was an invaluable resource for the FBI in the USA and so President Trump sent him on this diplomatic policework-mission to London, England. Flash was thrilled to help the policemen of Scotland Yard any way he could, and he was determined to use his great speed-gift to good use. After about a month of fleeting around London, Flash helped Scotland Yard deal with a number of troublesome crimes/criminals.

    Since Flash was so fast, he could avoid bullets when shot at, making him nearly invincible and adding to his courage and bravado. However, Flash was paranoid about one thing --- the vast array of computers connected to the Internet now made it very easy for hackers (even terrorists) to infiltrate vital infrastructural and commercial networks without too much difficulty, spelling a new brand of anti-social anarchy. Flash was no computer genius, so he befriended a gifted MIT computer-wiz named Steve Hobbes who called himself Video-Man (since he could decode algorithms as fast as a video!).

    Flash asked Video-Man to help in London. While Flash scoured for criminals on the street, Video-Man secured London's computing networks. After about a year of great work, which included the apprehending of a terrible Taliban Internet-hacker named Aziz, Flash and Video-Man returned to America, where they were greeted warmly by President Trump who now assigned the 'dynamic-duo' to a special task involving the monitoring of crime and commercial/computer activity in the bustling multicultural city of San Francisco, California. Trump remarked, "If we have the right kinds of 'magic-makers,' we can turn this modern-era traffic-labyrinth into a valuable 'super-delight highway'!"



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