To what lengths US / EU governments go to censor TRUTH about Auschwitz and holocaust

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    As the illuminati
    - parade their agent Ahmadinejad (1) playing the role of "resister of US imperialism" and champion of the "Holocaust Denial" and "Destruction of Israel" agendas;
    - drastically increase mass detentions of protesters for extermination camps (2);
    it is time to remind ,,,

    To what lengths illuminati go to censor TRUTH about Auschwitz and holocaust

    'Holokaust' (English title: Hitler's Holocaust) is the best ever series on how the nazis were able to exterminate for YEARS millions of Jews.

    It was possible thanks to the fact that End Time Prophet Guido Knopp could access the archives of german television, with the best footage documenting it.(3)

    Details like erasing comments as the one below (4) to the simple fact that the illuminati censor the series ever since it was boadcasted first in German Television in 2000 shows to what lengths illuminati go to censor TRUTH about Auschwitz and holocaust.

    (1) Illuminati parade agent Ahmadinejad in NYC as agent Assad about to bite the Damascus dust

    (2) Madrid: Spanish Schindler saves hundreds from extermination camps. But for how long?
    Madrid: Spanish Schindler saves hundreds from extermination camps. But for how long? - Christian Forums

    (3) Guido Knopp and the Final Descent
    Guido Knopp and the History of Descent into Hell: Guido Knopp, the Holocaust and the Final Battle all the way to Hell

    (4) Comment that was at the imdb site from 2002 to 2005, when the illuminati deleted all comments pointing out to the TRUTH :
    Disturbing series that should be shown to Holocaust revisionists and Neo-Nazis., 14 February 2002

    Author: bsch4504 from Sydney, Australia
    'Holokaust' (English title: Hitler's Holocaust) is a disturbing series on how one man (with many accomplices) caused immense suffering for millions of people. 'Holokaust' is one of the newest in a long line of films about the Holocaust. The best audience for this series are Holocaust revisonists and Neo-Nazis who, despite overwhelming evidence, either trivialises or dismisses the genocide. The advertisements claimed that 'Holokaust' shows footage never seen before. Interviews with both Jews and non-Jews are spliced with the footage. Inhumanity is the main theme of this series.

    The series is divided into six episodes. The first, 'Manhunt' is about the Nazi invading the Soviet Union in 1941. Behind the invading army, the SS rounded up local Jewish populations, murdered them and buried them in mass graves. The local non-Jewish populations, glad to be freed from Stalin's terror, were convinced by the Nazis that Judaism and Bolshevikism were partners in terror, and so some took part in atrocities.

    The second episode (I can't remember the name) is about Hitler's rise to power and his tightening grip on German Jews and other 'undesirables'. New restrictions on how Jews conduct their lives came every week, which resulted in 'The frog in a heating pot' syndrome. That is, the proverbial frog doesn't notice the pot heating up because the temperature rise is too gradual. The most important lesson of this episode is that Adolf Hitler didn't invent anti-Semitism; it had been around for centuries. Hitler took anti-Semitism to a new level.

    The third episode, 'Ghetto', discusses Jews in Germany and elsewhere being forced out of their homes and transported to Ghettos (mainly in Poland). While propaganda films shows Ghetto Jews in prosperity, archival films show people staving on the footpaths. A confronting scene shows emaciated corpses transported on a small conveyer belt to a pit to be buried. People in ghettos were eventually deported to concentration camps. The episode also discusses experiments on people with poisonous gases. Zygon B became the poisonous gas of choice.

    The fourth episode, 'Murder Factory', discusses Auschwitz, the largest extermination camp. Jews and other 'undesirables' were transported to Auschwitz in cattle trains. Selected people would be gassed, the corpses taken to crematoria and their ashes disposed. Deception to the end is the master plan. The selected people would have no idea (or a vague rumour) until the poisonous gas reached their noses. Only one person survived the gas chamber, a crying baby on top of the corpses. That baby was shot dead. Inhumanity isn't restricted to the Nazis. An example is a prisoner whose was robbed of his cap by a fellow prisoner (the penalty for not having a cap is death). The robbed prisoner stole a cap from another prisoner, who was executed the next morning.

    The fifth episode, 'Resistance' discusses the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, and smaller-scale uprisings in concentration camps. Most of the uprisings were, in the end, unsuccessful. Where survival is not possible, dying with dignity is the last weapon.

    The sixth episode, 'Liberation', discusses the final year of the Second World War. Even when the Nazi empire is being invaded on two fronts, the mass murder of Jews and other 'undesirables' continued. In a matter of weeks, 430,000 Hungarian Jews were deported to Auschwitz. The crematoriums couldn't cope with the flood of corpses, so they (and even living people) were burnt out in the open. As the Nazi empire shrank, the able-bodied were transferred to other camps, where more died from disease, hunger, exposure or exhaustion. The responses of the survivors to their new world was as varied as the number of individuals. One notable example is a Jewish child, who knew nothing except Auschwitz, being surprised that children went to school.

    Throughout the series, most of the interviewees (both Jew and non-Jew) claimed that they knew nothing, or at most a vague rumour, of the genocide until they saw overwhelming evidence. Jews in ghettos thought they were being resettled in the east. Even an interviewee very close to Hitler claimed that he knew nothing until after the war.

    Anti-Semitism didn't die with Hitler. The disturbing rise in Neo-Nazi groups are proof of that.This series is the type that should be shown to such members (and Holocaust revisionists). Hitler's atrocities must not be forgotten otherwise there's a danger that they'll be repeated.

    How the page looks now:
    Hitler's Holocaust (TV Series 2000–*) - IMDb
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    Does US Message Board care at all about their reputation?
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    Granny says, "Heck - if dey was to dig out back, dey liable to come across Uncle Ferd's thunder mug from when he was a baby...
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