Timing Is Everything! Romney-Ryan Tanking With Voting Starting This Week!

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    Real Clear Politics keeps track of the national polls of the likely vote for President. Today it didn't even bother to note that the spread in favor of Obama-Biden increased again in the report for September 21. Those would be the Rasmussen results in its September 21 report.

    How could this be, no one ventures even at Bain Capital(?)! Voting and Absentee Voting has already started during this week!

    First Thoughts: Obama's battleground edge grows - First Read

    Just how absentee is not really clear. A minister in the Australlian government referred to the Republicans as a bunch of crazies, just yesterday. Some things are simply to glaring to go unnoticed, even down under--where even the polls have Romney-Ryan!

    Obama is crossing the 50% threshold, and even on favorability ratings.

    So the recent weeks are likely showing up in the real results, even at this time.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Conservatives so do not like to make any changes--apparently even noticed by Obama in Washington, D. C., itself!)
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