Thousands of Congolese ousted from Angola in days: official

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    Thousands more people from the Democratic Republic of Congo have been ousted from Angola in recent days, a local official said, joining more than 300,000 ejected under an expulsion order that has prompted UN concern.

    In the last three days, more than 3,000 people arrived in Kahemba in the DR Congo's western Kwango province, Kahemba administrator Severin Mubanga told AFP.

    The group included pregnant women, children and infirm people, with very limited resources.

    The Kahemba region is about 110 kilometres from the border with Angola.

    In October 2018, Angola said about 380,000 illegal migrants, mainly from neighbouring DR Congo, had left the country in less than a month under a government operation against diamond trafficking.

    An "indignant" Kinshasa, for its part, said at the time that the group included some 200,000 of its citizens, about 30,000 of whom were ousted "brutally" with methods that resulted in "loss of human life."
    Thousands of Congolese ousted from Angola in days: official

    They knew this was going to happen.

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