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    Hmmm... Well... I am walming in the fall weather of the WV hills and it is one of the most refreshingly beautiful times of the year. It leaves me feeling alive and, well, kinda restless...

    I am looking up my dad's prescriptions today on the internet because be has complaints that seem minor to me but I need to makesure there are no noted red flags waving accordingly to the fda information on google. I come across some fascinating chemistry information that *just* clicks and I would love for others to add to this, even if it to correct my under-developed theoretics of space-time matter and such influences...

    The constellations, however misspelled that may be, are not the mystery to me that they seem to be for many... but now I have something earthly to couple the potentially illogical theory with logic and provable sciences.

    The chemical structures of our chemical components are microscopic images of... Our universe. Meaning... What? Um, well... Taking a better look at our constellations and the newest one, even, it forces a tremendous and immeasureable level of respect coupled with awe and amazement...

    I don't mind to appear to play catchup to what everyone seems to have already known... It's just sometimes very difficult to get certain points across when many thungs seem to be predeterminable.

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