This is the Pot calling the Kettle black... arrrggghhh

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Stephanie, Nov 6, 2005.

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    With Carl Limbacher and Staff
    For the story behind the story...

    Sunday, Nov. 6, 2005 9:32 a.m. EST
    Ted Kennedy: White House 'Tarnished' by 'Scandal after Scandal'

    Sen. Ted Kennedy blasted the Bush administration Sunday morning for "subsuming" the nation in "scandal after scandal," saying: "Clearly there has to be a cleaning of the White House."

    Asked about reports Saturday that Bush ordered his staff to attend ethics training classes, Kennedy told NBC's "Meet the Press": "I think ethics has to be more than a class, doesn't it . . . Ethics has to be a much more basic and fundamental issue."

    "Clearly there has to be a cleaning of the White House," Kennedy railed. "We have a damaged presidency and a tarnished White House . . . At a time when America should be reflecting its vision of where we want to stand in the world, what we want to do here at home - we are being subsumed by scandal after scandal."

    The ethically challenged Democrat claimed the public is demanding that the administration be held to account.

    "Whether it's Libby and the vice president's office, whether it's the investigations of Karl Rove, or whether it's the disaster over in Iraq or the failure of Katrina," Kennedy said, "the American people think that there should be an absolute cleaning of the house."
    Asked who he thought should cleaned out, Kennedy said, "Certainly Karl Rove ought to leave."

    When reminded by moderator Tim Russert, "He's not been charged with any crime," Kennedy replied: "He should leave, though. He's being investigated at this present time.
    I like the part about the ethically challenged Democrat... :D
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    Well.... let's all *hick* rally behind good ole *hick* Teddy and have a *hick* drink... :alco:
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    As it applies to Ted Kennedy et al...the Kennedy family made their fortune bootlegging alcohol during the roaring twenties...and Ted is a brave soul who left his date to drown in chappaqidick(sp error pun) because he failed Bridge Engineering 101 or was it that he passed Alcoholic Annonymous to run and hide from police scrutiny after the accident? Who knows...only his hairdresser knows for sure!

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