This is just one of many reasons why we need Obama as our next President.

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    Syria Halts Diplomacy After U.S. Military Strike -

    The wall street journal reports the Syria has ended diplomatic relations with the U.S until the remainder of the Bush administration. Why? Because someone green lit an attack on an alleged taliban leaders home within Syria boarders without consent. This coming after Secretary Condeleeza Rice had made huge diplomatic advancments in the past month meeting with with Syrian president Assad in New York. All that work down the drain? Jesus Christ why could this not wait a few weeks? Why would nobody get consent from President Assad before conducting these raids? This is the problem, thanks to Bush we are looked upon as a rogue nation, a raquet doing whatever we please whenever we want. In this generation, that is just not acceptable and it is not in the interests of the UN or Syria. Now we are paying the price once again after Secretary Rice had already met with Syrian leaders to discuss peace agreements between Isaral and Syria. Now, Syria is going to ignore our peace agreements until Bush is gone. Nice going. Thank the lord that someone with intelligence is going to take the white house next year. ( Barrack Obama, for those not watching every poll in the nation) Jesus Christ.
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