“they are not going away”

Discussion in 'Immigration/Illegal Immigration' started by LilOlLady, Jun 29, 2009.

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    Quote Lindsey Graham about 12 million illegal aliens for who he favor legalizing. Of course they are not going away. They will stay and continue to come as long as we provide jobs and free health care for them, never mind jobs for Americans, free health care and all social services benefits for their children. But if we wanted them to go away all we have to do is take away the incentives; jobs, free healthcare and enforce our immigration laws we made, they will leave much faster then they came and it will cost us nothing and far less than amnesty. People like Lindsey Graham don’t want to lose their house keepers, babysitters and lawn groomers. I don’t have that problem because I don’t have a house, a baby or a lawn because I don’t have a job. I lost that to Joe Illegal.

    When Arizona took away incentive and enforced immigration laws, they left the state. Don’t try to sell me that line that “they are not going away.”

    Illegal immigration and another amnesty, we cannot afford now or ever again. These people are not coming through Ellis Island and we are not into nation building but nation survival.
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    You will find a lot of people here that will claim they are against illegals and then defend health care, social programs and even work. They will claim they want the laws enforced but then will claim no one has the right to search these people out and deport them.

    You will also find a lot that openly demand we freely let any and all illegals in and grant citizenship to any now in the country.

    We have proof amnesty does not work, in 1986 the democratic congress passed amnesty and Reagan signed it with the provisions that the laws be enforced and that companies and employers be punished for hiring them. Clinton weakened that and Bush threw it out the window. Obama is doing nothing to suggest he cares either, while courting the Hispanic vote.

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