The Very Predictable Playbook Against Paul Ryan By Jim Geraghty

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    In the coming days, weeks and months, we will see the entirety of the Democratic Party and its allies hell-bent on ensuring that those who don’t follow the news learn to hate Paul Ryan.

    In the national media narrative – perhaps best illustrated by the shorthand of Jay Leno’s monologue, which presumes that the audience has the barest-bone familiarity with national figures – every Republican figure is reduced to one of three things: Old, stupid, or evil.

    George H.W. Bush: Old. Dan Quayle: Stupid. Newt Gingrich: Evil. Pat Buchanan: Evil. Bob Dole: Old. George W. Bush: Stupid. Dick Cheney: Old and evil. John McCain: Old. Sarah Palin: Stupid.

    Yes, the comics joke about Democrats too (Al Gore is boring, Bill Clinton sleeps around). Sometimes you see the jokes recycled; when Obama and Biden went to Ray’s Hell Burger, one of the late night comics joked, “Obama had his with cheese, and Joe Biden had a happy meal.” I’m 90 percent sure that’s a recycled George H.W. Bush/Dan Quayle joke. A lot of the Bill Clinton philandering jokes got recycled for John Edwards.

    Because Paul Ryan isn’t old, we will see an effort to paint him as either stupid or evil. You and I know that painting Paul Ryan as stupid is like trying to paint Bill Clinton as chaste. But we have also witnessed the rapid definition of an unknown Republican figure four years ago, and we know that right now, every Democratic official, commentator, talking head, and more than a few reporters awaken this morning with a new mission in life: define Paul Ryan.

    The Very Predictable Playbook Against Paul Ryan - By Jim Geraghty - The Campaign Spot - National Review Online


    You saw it yesterday.

    David Axelrod lying out his ass and Debbie Wasserlie Schmutz not answering any questions but just using talking points.

    It was pathetic.

    David Gregory, who I really don't like, seems to be on the stump for Ryan. He played tape after tape for Axelrod showing where Ryan is saying we need to address the issue of entitlements NOW. All A-Rod could do was sputter and spit about about starving seniors.

    The dems have handed us a group of morons who could no more be called leadership than Ed Shultz could be called smart (or kind to his wife).
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    Obama's got a huge problem... Ryan talks about the issues, real issues like an adult while the Obama camp screeches like spoiled children about tax returns, the "one per centers" & horses.

    This pick was huge.
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    The whole party is predictable but sadly we have too many idiots that are allowed to vote. I honestly think that one should have to pass a proficiency test in order to be allowed to vote. Draconian? Perhaps... but letting CAREER Welfare and Food Stamps recipients vote, is a travesty. They will always vote for the party that perperuates the welfare state...the Democrats.

    Obama doesn't have to campaign. He has the Black vote, the Welfare vote, The Food Stamp vote, 50%+ Hispanic vote and Dumb White Single Women(over contraception which is as cheap as cat foodwithout insurance) and Basement Dwelling College Kids.

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