The unpredictable future of START treaty during Senate’s lame duck session

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    In the interview published on Valdai Club´s website Robert Legvold assesses the impact of Republican gains on ratification START treaty and, as consequence, the perspectives for U.S. - Russia relations.

    “The administration feels it has worked out most of the compromises necessary to get ratification. If, however, the shadow of the election, the implications of this surge to the Republican side, affects that psychology and the Republicans in the Senate begin to re-examine whatever the arrangements are, then the first effect of the election could be to damage the chances of ratification during the lame duck session… Secondly, on the same question, ratification of the START I follow-on: if it is not ratified in the lame duck session, if it fails during that period or the administration decides not to push the issue, then in the new Congress, I think, the environment will be very unfavorable….”

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