The Rundown

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Dan, May 9, 2004.

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    I'm embarassed by how much I enjoyed this movie. The Rock does pretty good, considering he doesn't have to do much other than hit people. Stifler is... well, stifler. He's not as annoying as he was in American Wedding, though. And Christopher Walken is officially the weirdest actor out there, his completely insane inflections made the movie for me, I smiled every time he was on the screen. Very entertaining, throughout, though. It is unique to see an action hero who makes it a point not to use guns, though the climax kind of ruins that. By the end, I was so wrapped up in the movie, I forgave a very outlandish act on The Rock's part (the guy destroys a building by DIVING THROUGH THE SOLID BRICK PILLARS and collapsing them). Great, mindless fun.
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    I agree! I was embarrassed at how much I laughed at that movie. Chris. Walken is definetly a strange one. Did you see him in Sleepy Hollow with Johnney Depp. Perfect role for him. good movie too.
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    If you guys liked The Rundown, you will like his latest movie, Walking Tall (I think that's the name) That was really good, based on a true story. It had a good story, the rock was good and there were funny parts which I wasn't expecting. I think you will be surprised.

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