The Need For Emergency Interventions!

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    The Need for An Intervention!

    1. As more and more evidence is added to discredit the Global Warming Scam, Al Gore has been reduced to adding hurricanes via ‘photoshop’!

    “With the increasingly discredited notion of man-made global warming crashing and burning on a daily basis, climate alarmists are being forced to accelerate their fearmongering to unprecedented levels. With the evidence failing to match up to the doomsday proclamations, Al Gore has turned to photoshop in order to make a CO2-choked earth look scary enough to sell his cap and trade scam.
    The latest example of climate cult fakery comes in the form of the front cover of Al Gore’s new book, Our Choice; A Plan To Solve The Climate Crisis.
    Shortly after the devastation of Katrina, Al Gore was busy making a correlation between hurricanes and global warming in an effort to drive home his claim that higher global CO2 emissions cause an increase in extreme weather events. The cover art for Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth, features an image of a hurricane rising out of a smoke stack.
    Seemingly underwhelmed that there have been no major hurricanes since Katrina, along with the fact that global hurricane activity is now at a thirty year low, Gore came up with an ingenious method of solving the problem of the lack of scary depictions of frightening hurricanes to display on his book – simply airbrush them!”
    The Survival Station -

    2. Now, consider that bit of news, in conjunction with the following:

    “Accordingly, patients reported significantly more often feelings of anxiety/panic and emptiness (mental vacuum), whereas feelings of despair and powerlessness/hopelessness were mentioned most frequently by nurses and doctors. Mental health professionals should bear in mind that many suicide attempters experience feelings of anxiety/panic prior to their suicidal act, and that a majority report having lost control over themselves, thus indicating a state of emotional crisis.”

    Elsevier: Article Locator

    3. Ladies and gents, with the entire scam about to fall apart, I fear the effect it will have on some of our members, whose entire lives revolve around this thesis!

    We must consider emergency interventions, especially in the case of USMB members whose names sound like ‘Hiss’ and ‘Cold Lox’!

    I fear for the worst.

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