The myth of Jewish refugees from the Arab world

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    In a desperate effort aimed at obliterating and liquidating the Palestinian refugees' plight, which is actually the heart and essence of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Israeli and Zionist propagandist have been speaking of a paralleled Jewish refugee problem.

    After all, the arrival of the "Arab Jews" in Israel was meticulously planned, plotted, induced, expedited and carried out by Zionist circles, including the Israeli intelligence services.

    In some cases, hefty bribes were paid to certain Arab government officials to agree to allow their Jews to leave for Israel. In other countries, like in Iraq, Zionist agents employed terrorism to foster an atmosphere of fear among Jews in order to force them into leaving.

    Synagogues were bombed and threats were made in order to communicate the message to Jews, that "your safety is at stake and that you have to leave before it is too late."

    The myth of Jewish refugees from the Arab world

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