The Logjam In Forming New Iraq Government Should Be Surmountable!

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    Back in March of this year, Iraq had elections. No party won by a large margin in this election so to form a government Iraq political parties have to build a coalition to garnish enough votes in the Iraq parliament to install a government. Iraq political parties have been unable to form such a coalition up to this point - the most promising coalition (to install a government not for the country of Iraq to succeed) was a Shiite coalition comprised of a Muqtada al-Sadr allied party and a Nouri al-Maliki allied party but the al-Sadr party doesn't want Maliki as Prime Minister which is an insurmountable obstacle to the formation of the coalition.

    Being an American not an Iraqi it is obviously not my place to try to tell the Iraqi people what to do on this issue. But since the American people have paid a dear price for the Iraqi people to have the opportunity to have a good and democratic country, it should be considered legitimate for an American to make some observations on the current political situation in Iraq which the following provides.

    The Iraqi people are extremely lucky to have two great leaders, Mr. Maliki and Mr. Allawi, that could hold the Prime Minister's Office and do a great job in that role. Both men are wise, they have back bone, they oppose corruption and most importantly they both hold the value that an Iraqi Prime Minister has to be inclusive, that is, has to consider all Iraqi sectarian groups' interests and try to be fair to each group. I'll tell the Iraqi people I and probably thirty plus million Americans would trade you Barack Obama where he can be your Prime Minister and we'll take Mr. Maliki or Mr. Allawi as our President - Obama's latest brilliant move is he is planning an initiative to mandate health insurance providers give a whole list of preventive care services for free to enrollees (if this was a cost effective move that is something which would result in catching health problems early saving overall health care dollars in the long run don't you think big self-insuring companies would have done this long ago) this lame brain move is going to drive up health insurance cost big time, the Obama team says the increases will only be like one to one and a half percent try "ten plus" percent [the average health insurance cost for an individual is like around $6,000.00 per year, one percent increase is $60.00 this won't even cover the doctor visit for the mandated free yearly flu shot and some of the required free preventive tests cost hundreds of dollars to have done] - Obama's an idiot!

    Excuse the tangent, what the Iraqi people should do is what other parliamentary forms of government have done when no one party is strong enough to form a coalition to install a government and there is continual stalemate! They create a coalition where the major parties in the coalition take a turn being in the prime minister's office. In Iraq's case, Mr. Maliki party and Mr. Allawi party should come to an agreement where they will join together as a governing coalition in which Mr. Maliki will continual to hold the Prime Minister's Office for two years or half the time left until the next elections and then Mr. Allawi will then take the Prime Ministers office for two years or whatever this half period is - Mr. Maliki should take the first turn because he already holds the office so keeping him there offers stability to the country a good thing! From an outsiders viewpoint it sure seems like Iraqi politicians are blowing it for the Iraqi people from the standpoint that Iraqi leaders should not be stuck on forming a government but rather be focusing on how to turn Iraq's enormous oil and natural gas wealth into concrete "way of life" benefits for the Iraqi people!

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