The lobbying machine is the real power and it does not fear us.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by occupied, Dec 3, 2011.

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    I have spent the last ten or so years debating politics on various boards. I have heard every argument from every point of view from one end of the spectrum to the other but the one thing everyone seems agree on is that Washington rarely if ever serves our interests. We all know the people we support are as bought out as the people we oppose and yet most of us still think the familiar political divisions are the way it's supposed to be, it is not.

    We all know that we lost the ear of our leaders somewhere, we all know they use what scares us the most to gain power and that optimism has vanished from our political dialog, in fact we all feel the same thing in our gut, that sense of helpless betrayal that causes us to lash out at people we don't even know.

    Now, I am not proposing that it is even possible to bring everyone together on anything, too many political junkies thrive on conflict, but we all need to admit, if only to ourselves, that the person you voted for could not care less about you. Every single one of them hung out a "for sale" sign the second they decided to run for office, yes, even that politician you support.

    Now we arrive at the heart of the matter, since practically all of them are for sale we have to take a look at who's buying and what they are getting for their cash. K street has hired 500 to 1000 lobbyists for every single member of congress and man, it must be sweet for someone willing to sell out. In some ways I don't blame them, it would be hard to resist a steady stream of hot chicks offering bags of cash and blowjobs all day long, these 2010 freshmen never stood a chance. So who is paying K street to keep congress's willy waxed? Anyone with cash is the answer, and when I say anyone I mean anyone, no matter what they want.

    So far I am not telling anyone anything they didn't know but it does beg the question of why are you still have an ounce of faith in party politics? Do you have faith that your democrat or republican can withstand the Washington lobbyist machine and actually do something?

    I am not asking you to just abandon your party or switch to the other, that would be pointless, but I am asking for one simple thing, real lobbyist reform, start hammering your government hard to bring this corruption mill under control and do whatever it takes to bring things into a more equitable balance between the regular people and the people who are rich enough to hire a lobbying firm, because our elected representatives are selling us out for cash, insider tips and sex with hot chicks while we continue to slide towards ruin. You may now return to pointlessly fighting among yourselves while the machine laughs at your foolishness.

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