The History Of The Texas Tea pot Scandal

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    +1,978 a long time ago, Americans and Europeans were working on their new multi-million dollar idea, the Horseless Carriage.

    what would be used for power?

    Diesel came along and said "use my oil engine, you can use a lot of verities of oil to power it"
    they thought about it for a while and said "you know...the kraut has some good ideas, but we need something a little more refined"
    they agreed on using refined gasoline. it was all set up, people would buy Horseless Carriages and the fuel used to power them would become so cheap, no one could resist.

    the car manufacturers became rich beyond their wildest dreams, but the real winners were the producers of gasoline, the sellers of the expendable product.

    everything was truckin' along just fine.

    around 1900 America was the leading oil production country in the world.
    international problems started to arise.
    in 1913 rich Americans passed the Federal Reserve Act, which would be the first step in creating monopoly money for the whole world to use.
    (followed by gold confiscation and removal of the gold standard, which FDR would take care of)

    in the early 1900's the government's "earth experts" announced that American "natural oil reserves" of oil would only last 10 years.
    Americans all over the country started to discover oil in their back yard,
    the Earth Experts" told them , "nope, can't use that" , "that won't work", "can't drill there" , "too much oil in the oil" ...ect.
    The rich created environmentalist groups to cause legal terrorism in the courts, so they could decide which people could drill and which people could not.

    some oil ambassadors were sent to the middle east to talk to the Shaikh.
    the Shaikh said "what the HELL would i want to talk to you for?"
    the ambassadors said "Man! YOU GONNA BE RICH!!!, we needs the oil you sittin' on BAD!"
    they drove a dump-truck full of worthless money to the Shaikh's palace, along with a brand new Mercedes.
    the ambassadors said, "Man! this is beautiful, i don't know ANYONE in the world richer than you! ... ... keep your people in check...and keep your mouth shut"

    money flooded into the middle east, and after WW1 , Jews started flooding into their ancestral home lands.

    the Shaikh was under a lot of pressure from the Mullahs who kept reminding him of his true purpose in life, as commanded by Allah, ...kill everyone in the world who is not Muslim , starting with the Jews.
    thus began the cycle, the Shaikh would live a life of luxury, then when he grew older he would be loyal to his true calling, attacking Israel.

    the Shaikh would prepare his army and all of the sudden America, and to a lesser extent Europe, would show up.
    the Shaikh said "why the hell are you here?"
    America, and The-World-Agrees-With-America-U.N. said "nope! you're not going to attack anyone"
    if the Shaikh didn't agree, he was killed"

    the American public started to protest the idea of giving people in the middle east money.
    Americans didn't agree with the middle east politics and confrontations.
    the environmentalist , agents of the rich, came out and said "don't worry about it, in the near future we're not going to be using oil, we're working on high technology"
    the American public said "really? what kind of technology"
    at that point, around the 1980's , the environmentalist unveiled the 1908 electric car ....with fender covers.
    "well we're still perfecting it..." naturally, the question came up , "why sell gas cheap when we can charge more money?"
    politicians were bribed, and gas prices were raised. ...gas was taxed.

    the leaders said it was the price of oil that was raising the pump prices.
    so now people stay glued to their TV screen, watching the price of oil per barrel.
    of course, gas prices have nothing to do with the price of oil per barrel, which the "experts" say most of which goes to making plastics.
    gas prices are only related to the refinery monopolies.

    the public said "what's a solution for this?"
    the environmentalist said "well ,you have to get away from your oil dependency"

    modern searches have reveled that oil is all over the place, and environmentalist lawyers go to work ...oil is found where they WANT to find it.
    "why can't i drill for oil here?"
    "well, you might endanger the habitat of the North American Lu Lu bird"
    "why can't we drill in Alaska?"
    "well, a deer might bump his head"

    the transition from oil to an electrical alternative will be carried out in true corrupt environmentalist fashion, ...with big business not losing one penny.
    as oil prices rise to cover any loses and to pull in more profit, people will sink their money into expendable technology.
    any money they save from not buying gasoline will go to replace circuit boards that unexpectedly burned up or battery cells that suddenly fail.

    The End.

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