The Green Jobs Myth: It desn't create jobs, it destroys them

Discussion in 'Politics' started by teapartysamurai, May 21, 2010.

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    Read it all here:

    The Green Jobs Myth - IBD -

    Gee, what a suprise. All this "green jobs" crap is just like "global warming." It's nothing but a hoax.

    And the people making money off this crap won't CARE if you and I lose money and our jobs over it, because people like Al Gore and T. Boone Pickens will make hand over fist sucking off the government tit.

    They will take our tax dollars for this hoakum and what will we get in return? A pat on the head that we are saving the "environment" when in reality, it's all just a con to make "green" czars like Al Gore rich off of our poverty and loss of jobs and THEY KNOW IT.

    There is a very hot place in hell reserved for these people. That is when they finall will discover global warming. :evil:

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