The Godfather of Ulster Punk

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    Alan Dein goes to Belfast in search of 'The Godfather of Ulster Punk' Terri Hooley, the one-eyed son of a union man who almost singlehandedly ignited a peculiarly Northern Irish punk explosion during the darkest days of 'The Troubles.'

    As bombs and bullets rained down on Belfast in the late '70's, he defiantly opened the Good Vibrations record store and label on a street known locally as bomb-alley.

    "When it came to punk, New York had the haircuts, London had the trousers, Belfast had the reason." Terri Hooley.

    The store became a creative hub for a disaffected generation: the label released Teenage Kicks by the Undertones, John Peel's favourite record of all time, the lyrics of which are inscribed upon his tombstone.

    Now, nearly four decades on, a new feature film is in production which tells the story of Good Vibrations and Terri's life.

    Alan Dein joins Terri Hooley and key band members from the period as they explain the pivotal role punk played in transcending community division and offering an alternative to violence and sectarianism.


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