The Godfather and The Whisper of Betrayal

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    Puzo's book was one of the greatest novels in human history, and Coppola adaptation in I and II will always be in the top 10 on the Greatest movies ever made. There is not a frame to waste! The movies are riveting from start to finish, every action, ever sentence, evey bit of detail is significant.

    Let's talk about two seemingly minor incidents that lead to big turning points. At Connie's wedding, the Don's driver notices the wedding purse and comments aloud:

    "Thirty, forty grand. In small bills cash, in that little silk purse. Madon’, if this was somebody else’s wedding, sfortunato!" ―Paulie Gatto

    The day the Turk put a hit on the Don, Paulie called in sick. Not fooled for a second, Sonny orders Paulie's disappearance as one of the first orders of business.

    Later in Sicily, we see Michael and his two bodyguards walking down a road as a convoy of GI's pass when Guard Fabrazzio blurts out:

    "America, America, take me to the America, GI! Clark Gable, Rita Hayworth!"

    Later on, Fabrizzio plants a bomb in the car that Michael was supposed to drive and instead kills Appolonia.

    In each instance, the men betray their loyalties. They speak not to any person at the time, but their words take wing. They let the world know they each have a price that they can be bought.

    And the Devil, in the form of people hearing what they said, put into play the series of behind the scenes steps that lead to the betrayal.

    Was some rival watching the guards at the wedding to see who could be tempted? Did one of the Don's enemies ask the soldiers stationed in Sicily if they'd heard or saw anything from Michael's bodyguards?

    I'm guessing Paulie was paid $20K to set up the Don and Fabrazzio got a trip to America.

    In each case, the seemingly smallest, insignificant statement is turned into huge event and therein lies the greatness of "The Godfather".
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    The Godfather trilogy - great viewing.

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