The First Lawsuit From Hurricane Katrina

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    OPELOUSAS, La. — One Hurricane Katrina refugee died and many others were injured when a bus carrying them west from the Superdome in New Orleans overturned and rolled across a highway median.

    At least 10 people were taken to hospitals, several critically injured, The Daily World of Opelousas reported on its Web site.

    Trooper Willie Williams, spokesman for the state police, said the driver lost control of the vehicle. But the details were not immediately known.

    The bus was heading north when it overturned on Interstate 49; it wound up on the southbound off-ramp to the town's main street.,2933,168374,00.html

    I'm still waiting for the lawsuits accusing the City/State Government of not ensuring everyone was taken out of the city. Then throw in allowing armed gangs to move freely throughout the city, no medical care, and the biggie..all the people who are supposed to get Social Security and/or other Government checks on the first and third of each month - they have no access to the mail and the bank.

    And you know what is really sad? The City/State will settle instead of going to court and these scumbags will get money - with a third going to the more scummy lawyers.

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