The Dems win again!! Hoo Ray!!

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    Senate shuns push for elimination of pet projects

    Senate shuns push for elimination of pet projects - Yahoo! News

    WASHINGTON – By a sizable — but dwindling — margin, the Senate on Tuesday voted in favor of allowing lawmakers to keep stocking bills with home-state projects like roads, grants to local police departments and clean-water projects.
    But with the House set to tumble into GOP hands and anti-earmark reinforcements coming to the Senate in January, the window seems to be closing on the practice.
    Tuesday's 39-56 tally rejected a GOP bid to ban the practice of loading spending bills with so-called earmarks — those parochial provisions that lawmakers deliver to their states — but it appears the curtain is coming down on the practice.

    Take that you filthy conservatives!! How dare you even think of asking that liberals stop wasting, uhm, I mean spending your money on pork, I mean pet projects that create fake ass jobs, I mean, bring wealth and prosperity, while the country goes down the toilet b/c we are out of money.

    And a special FU to the few republicans that voted for this also. You must not have been listening on November 2nd.

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