The Death (and Life) of Conservatism

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    This analysis so reminds me of the typical wingnut, aka conservative republican, reply on USMB I had to share it. I have to admit prescience too. Oh boy, I can hear them now. LOL In the end there are really only liberals, all the naysayers only cling to an imaginary nowhere.

    By Damon Linker

    "But that’s not what contemporary conservatives are doing. When they aren’t ignoring Tanenhaus’s book, they’re doing what they do best: policing orthodoxy.

    Take Peter Wehner’s representative remarks about the book, published on Contentions, Commentary’s group blog. A former assistant to Karl Rove in the Bush White House, Wehner is a master of deploying the rhetorical trick that contemporary conservatives use to convince themselves that they’re always right. At bottom, it amounts to a high-minded version of the old Pee-Wee Herman taunt, “I know you are, but what am I?” There are countless examples. A handful of liberals stupidly describe conservatives as fascists, so Jonah Goldberg responds by writing several hundred pages about the threat of liberal fascism. (Get it?) Liberal Jews frequently congratulate themselves for their secularism, so Norman Podhoretz produces a book in which he claims that Jews treat liberalism as a religion. (Clever!) And Sam Tanenhaus defends a moderate version of conservatism against the ideological thinking that dominates the right and Wehner responds by saying that “Tanenhaus is precisely what he condemns in his book—an ideologue, a man of dogmatic fixity, a person of knee-jerk liberal reflexes.”"

    The Death (and Life) Of Conservatism | The New Republic
    a C reply, one C I often agree with:
    The Corpse Is Still the Life of the Wake - John O'Sullivan - The Corner on National Review Online

    Is Conservatism finally dead? – Political Pass
    What is a conservative? – Political Pass
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    Sounds like an excuse for a circle jerk to me. I read the first page and then determined it was a waste of my time. Don't these people have real things to think about?

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