The cutting edge (PG rated)

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    Robert came home from work at a pickle processing plant one day and confessed to his wife Gladys that he was having some troubling urges. "Honey", he said "I have an overwhelming urge to stick my penis in the pickle slicer".

    Aghast, Gladys scheduled him for counselling and therapy. After some weeks of spending time on a couch in a psychiatrist's office, he seemed to have conquered his urge. So he returned to work.

    Two weeks later, Robert came home pale and distressed. Gladys knew something was seriously wrong and inquired what had happened. To her horror, he confessed "Honey, I fought it as long as I could. But today the urge to stick my penis in the pickle slicer was more than I could resist".

    After recovering her composure, Gladys asked how badly he was hurt. "Oh I'm not hurt at all" Robert replied, "But the company did fire me."

    "Well I can understand that." Gladys said. "But what happened to the pickle slicer?"

    To which Robert replied "Oh, she got fired too".

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