The Compound Diaries AGE OF OBAMA

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    The Compound Diaries

    Day 2​

    It's been almost 48 hours and as yet our wealth has not been redistributed.​

    Fearless Leader has wisely collected it, and buried it in a location only he knows. We expect to hear from him again, one day, when, as he told us:​

    "It is again safe for real Americans like you, to keep your own money, I will return it to you. Until that day, I will remain in deep cover in an undisclosed location."

    What a patriot! He selflessly has hidden himself among the enemy under an assumed name until it is safe again for us to have wealth. He wisely elected not to tell us what his new indentity is -- just in case one of us is captured alive.​

    We miss him, of course, but we have our orders. ​

    We are under no circumstances allowed to attempt to locate him until the cleansing fire has purged our great nation of the collectivist menace.​

    Skywatch reports is nothing to be seen in the sky over the compound. ​

    This leads us to conclude that, just as we expected, the socialist government's fleet of Black helicopters are using their cloaking devices, again.​

    As yet, the parimeter outposts have yet to report that army of urban minorities which we know will be coming to destroy our rustic way of life. ​

    It's only a matter of time, of course. Most of us cannot wait for them to come because we've been preparing for that final battle for years.​

    We've buried our White women keep them safe from that fate worse than death, just in case.​

    Happily this task was a lot easier since we're already had that empty hole left after we unearthed the howizer in preparation for the assult of the liberal collectivists.​

    Although our scouts report that town's supermarkets is still open, we have put ourselves are on short rations to insure that our MREs will last for at least a year. ​

    Who knows what mind altering drugs the socialists have been lacing the food with for the last year? ​

    Something that made those White people vote D, that's obvious.​

    We're also boiling our bottled water, now, just in case.​

    When we're not on mandatory guard duty, we spend most of our time doing close order drills or weapons cleaning details. ​

    Failure to report for drills is, of course, punishable by death​

    Free men who love individual freedom and the American way as much as we do can only remain free by maintaining a constant lockdown on our individual freedoms.​

    We've smashed our radios and all forms of communication with the ouside world to stay safe from propaganda from that liberal media.​

    In our rare free time, we entertain ourselves by re-reading the Turner Diaries, or playing Trivia Pursuit - the Atlas Shrugged edition.

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    Just as boiling a frog happens so slowly they don't know they are being cooked, you too will slowly come over to the light side. Resistance is hopeless.
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    Don't you mean "Resistance is Futile.

    You will be assimilated."

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