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    This thread is dedicated to those who are concerned about Lying Liars: Spreads the Big Lie

    Hitler once said that if a lie were big enough it would be believed. Obviously the Kerry campaign and, the anti-Bush group funded by billionaire George Soros, are apostles of this theory. is broadcasting an advertisement that a new Department of Labor policy will eliminate overtime pay for 8 million workers. The Kerry campaign is broadcasting ads claiming Bush is decreasing veterans’ benefits, causing massive unemployment, and incurring deficits more than actually forecast.

    These lies are all careful political calculations designed to alienate Bush from his core constituency.

    The prevarication concerning veterans’ benefits is designed to separate President Bush from military personnel and veterans who voted for him by large percentages in the last election. Indeed, it was the military vote that helped Bush win the popular vote in Florida.

    VA Secretary Anthony Principi has refuted the claim that Bush is reducing benefits for veterans. The son of an Italian immigrant – not some Boston Brahmin – Principi served with distinction in Vietnam. Unlike Kerry, Principi did not throw his medals away or consort with the unindicted traitor Jane Fonda. Principi also has two sons who are currently in the military, one of whom served in Iraq.

    (Despite the fact that the mainstream does not broadcast this fact, Principi is one of many decorated military veterans of the Bush administration. This is something that the Bush administration does not belabor. Unfortunately, all too often all you hear about Bush is the ‘chickenhawks” refrain coming from the so-called anti-war “peace” groups - the “dovesnakes.”

    The Kerry campaign ad says that the Bush administration will have “200,000 veterans cut off from health system.” The ad cites the Department of Veterans Affairs as the source. This is patently a lie.

    Spending for veterans’ benefits has increased 27% during Bush’s administration. There has also been an increase of one million veterans drawing benefits during this same period.

    The Kerry campaign compounded their lie by a cover-up. They say the ad refers to a proposal by the president. However, the proposal does not eliminate veterans. It does increase the cost of prescription drug coverage for certain veterans who have non-service connected disabilities and who earn more than a certain amount - for example a single person with no dependents with a non-service connected disability making more than approximately $23,000 would have to pay a co-pay and a premium.

    The VA estimates that this would cause about 200,000 veterans to opt out of the plan because they have their own prescription plans from private sources. Currently the VA plan is for free and a co-pay of $7 for a thirty day supply of a drug. Bush’s proposal is a $21 per month premium with a $15 co-pay. As previously mentioned this would only be for certain veterans.

    Kerry not only has lied about veterans’ benefits, he has lied about employment. He has claimed that the Bush administration has lost 2.9 million jobs. Forgetting that we do not have a command economy like communist countries and that the president does not create jobs, the fact is that the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were 132,388,000 nonfarm jobs (seasonally adjusted) in January 2001. Last January the figure was 130,155,000. This is almost 700,000 less than Kerry is claiming. Furthermore this is only referring to private sector jobs. Ironically, this Republican administration is employing more people in the public sector, albeit that is more a function of the War on Terror than anything else.

    More mendacity about the economy from Kerry: he claims the deficit will be $400 billion for the next ten years. This is not a CBO projection; it is a liberal think tank prediction. The CBO analysis averages about $275 million per year.

    If Kerry’s campaign statements are this deceitful what would his presidency be like?

    The ads by are just as bad if not worse. was formed to deter the impeachment for perjury of President Clinton. Soros, its primary financier, was convicted of illegal stock trading in France.

    The MoveOn ad lies about an overtime proposal by the Bush administration. They portray it as 8 million people are eliminated from overtime pay. Their source for it is a study that does not make that claim at all.

    The ad claims, “George Bush wants to eliminate overtime pay for 8 million workers.” The claim concerns a Department of Labor (DOL) proposal for overtime rules. The source for this claim is the left-wing Economic Policy Institute (EPI). EPI has several major labor union leaders among its board and is firmly in the pocket of the Democrats.

    However, is being disingenuous. The EPI study said that 8 million people would lose the legal right to overtime. In fact, the EPI study is in itself flawed since it counts part-time workers among the 8 million. Part-time workers rarely get overtime pay.

    Indeed, DOL Secretary Elaine Chao testified in January at a Senate sub-committee hearing that 1.3 million workers would actually gain overtime pay while 644,000 could possibly lose overtime pay. Even EPI states that many low-income workers would be eligible for the right to overtime pay that are currently ineligible. In fact the Bush administration is attempting to enact a proposal that EPI wants – one that was not done during the Clinton years.

    The DOL proposal is that people earning less than $425 per week would be guaranteed overtime. Currently, only those earning less than $155 per week are guaranteed. The EPI says that this change is necessary.

    The fact is that while no one knows for certain the exact effect of the proposed rule changes, one thing is certain - lied. The fact is is not a credible organization. They merely spread lies and propaganda.

    However, what would one expect from an organization founded to protect a perjurer that is funded by a convicted billionaire fraud. It has been noted that Soros is upset with Bush because he once tried to purchase Bush’s political influence and did not get what he paid for.

    The lie and the nefarious motivations of, Soros, and Kerry are augurs of the corruption that will be rampant in this country if Kerry is elected.

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