TeaBerserkers Fail To Allow Even Any Beneficiary Rights!

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    The currently famous California health plan premium hikes are directly a result of too many sick people, with too few healthy people paying in. Older people not yet eligible for Medicare have increased costs, and are a large part of the newer pool of plan enrollments. The 30-40% of the uninsured, not paying in, are a problem for the private sector.

    Soon the older people will go on to MediCare, and then onto wills, and then to their graves: And leaving estates, with beneficiaries, making claims.

    The TeaBerserkers claim that actually in America: That Beneficiaries have no rights, however(?).

    The National Health Plan is set up to increase the risk pool. People with fewer claims still pay in, and with federal subsidy, where required. As opposed to a Welfare Right of entitlement, there is an immediately vested right to benefits created: From the larger risk pool. People actually become beneficiaries of the risk pool, which is a matter of arithmetic. The federal government uses arithmetic all of the time. The Use of Arithmetic to solve national problems is settled law.

    The claim of the TeaBerserkers is that people are forced to purchase a product or a service. The courts have ruled that the purchase cannot be called a tax. But overlooked in the "product-purchase" kind of contention is that in fact no such product or service purchase happens. Each covered individual becomes a vested beneficiary of a pool of risk: And in many cases federally subsidized. It is a national, arithmetic, pool in which all participants are covered beneficiaries. All covered participants have beneficiary rights.

    The TeaBerserkers don't seem to want to contend that beneficiary rights can in fact exist, and do exist, and should exist!

    At least one alternative to the national health plan, is the California, health plan crisis.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (The Holy Father, people know, went to the gulag at Buckinghamm possibly to make sure that the boys were in capable,. . . .shall we say,. . . .hand. Surely if the one thelogian of the January Birthday calendar has a mandatory, official celebration: Then surely there others who are equally deserving!)
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