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    The welfare state rests on the labors of others. Eliminating the tax on labor; i.e., the income tax, puts the parasite class on a fast track to extinction. A case heading to the Supreme Court ain’t as good as repealing the XVI Amendment but it might get the job done:

    So long as a case does not involve the government’s ill-gotten gains the High Court may or may not decide in favor of private sector Americans. The Rights of criminals is a perverted example of justices trying to show how humane they can be when money is not involved. Had those extraordinary court-ordered Rights cost the government a permanent loss of “income” criminals would know the meaning of cruel and unusual punishment.

    Basically, no American should put a lot of trust in the Supreme Court in any case that takes money out of government pockets.

    The ruling in the Affordable Healthcare Act makes me think the High Court is looking to strengthen the government’s power to tax income. In that sense it could be a good thing if the Court refuses to hear the case:

    Let’s not forget that the three ladies and Breyer will surely vote for the government. So once again it comes down to guessing if one of the remaining five will rollover.

    When all is said and done repealing the XVI Amendment is still the best option.

    Here’s Bob Unruh’s article for anyone who wants more details:

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