Tampa's Wisteria Lane:

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    Inside The Florida Base Where Petraeus And His Generals Held 'Wild Parties Every Night' -- Daily Mail

    The Tampa, Florida, military base that has gained notoriety for its connection to General David Petraeus' sex scandal has been compared to Wisteria Lane from the show Desperate Housewives where out-of-control parties with top brass are a nightly occurrence, and where social climbing is a favorite pastime.

    Those visiting MacDill Air Force Base for the first time will likely be surprised to see the sprawling bayfront homes with covered porches, the upscale gym, golf course, boat rentals and other trappings of the good life that bear little resemblance to nearly any other military outpost.

    'It’s the nicest base I’ve ever seen,' a private contractor with base access told The Daily Beast. 'It blew me away, as far as what the taxpayers pay for.'

    Read more ....Tampa's Wisteria Lane: Inside General Petraeus' 'upscale' Florida base where top military brass gather nearly every night for wild parties | Mail Online

    My Comment: Having "wild parties every night" !?!?!?! .... while the Afghan war is still ongoing .... I certainly hope not. But with this bunch .... I am no longer sure of what they are doing.

    This shouldn't surprise anyone who's ever served in the military.

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