Supplemental Health Insurance for Seniors

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    My Father was in the Air Force for 22 years, then he got another gvt job, working for the FAA for another 20 years, civil service.

    Due to this, he has health care coverage, called Tri Care For Life, for him and my mother....and being Seniors, they also have Medicare, who gets billed first, and if they don't cover it, Tricare... most often will.

    but in addition to this, my parents buy a SUPPLEMENTAL Health Insurance Policy, that covers anything not covered under the 2 health insurance policies they have...and covers the 20% out of pocket and the Medicare pill bill donut hole etc....

    My question is for those of you with parents as seniors, or those of you that are seniors yourselves:

    Do the seniors you know, also buy private supplemental insurance, in addition to their Medicare Insurance? Is this something that the middle class can do, while the poor, only on medicare, can't?

    Does this make ''the system'' unfair in any way or is it reasonably expected that those with more financially would be able to buy health coverage, over and above the basic gvt plan of medicare?


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