Supergirl's Dragons: A Patriotism Diary

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    A dragon is a legendary creature (sometimes winged) representing a giant snake or dinosaur with the ability to breathe fire, smoke, fumes, or even ice. Dragon folklore are found all over the world, including Ancient China, Medieval Europe, Persia, and new age sci-fi fantasy stories in North America.

    Dragons often guard knowledge or treasure or frighten people away from regions of great danger or intrigue or sometimes they simply terrorize dwellings/settlements where individuals are ill-prepared for their terrible arrival.

    Modern age daring films about dragon-mysticism such as DragonHeart, Red Dragon, and Reign of Fire present stories about dragonology-based 'crime, terror, fantasy, and/or general eccentric mystique.' Red Dragon is a film based on a Thomas Harris novel about a nefarious serial-killer inspired by the William Blake painting of a great 'red dragon' rapturing a hostage-woman.

    Modern media is filled with incredible images/avatars/stories about freakish adventures and outlandish daredevil courage, perhaps because the modern world is nearly-defined by traffic-based courage (e.g., NATO), commercial peace (e.g., Wall Street), and transit-based intrigue (e.g., World Bank).

    We see countless comic book adapted films (about fantastic and even freakish abilities/courage) being made in Hollywood (USA) such as The Dark Knight, Iron Man, The Avengers, and Wonder Woman.

    So here's a modernism-relevant tale I cooked up about the DC Comics fantastic superheroine Supergirl dealing with two deadly dragons confounding and challenging modern civilization --- one that breathes frost and another that breathes fumes.

    I wonder who would appreciate such a 'dragonology-vignette' about modernism more --- U.S. President Donald Trump or First Lady Melania Trump! Maybe Mrs. Trump would consider how nihilism would 'comfort' the numerous anti-TrumpUSA protesters seemingly frustrated by 'capitalism sarcasm.'

    Signing off,


    Supergirl was given the incredible mission by the Oracle to deal with two deadly dragons terrorizing modern civilization. The first was the Green Dragon, a terrible beast who breathed choking pungent fumes which collapsed the lungs of anyone who breathed them into their bodies or were exposed to them in thick volumes. The second was the Frost Dragon, an eerie ice-comprised creature who turned people into ice forever with its powerful freezing breath. The Green Dragon represented monetary corruption anxieties and the general 'stink' of Wall Street, while the Frost Dragon (which Supergirl simply called 'Ice-Dragon') preyed upon humanity's fears of complete capitalism paralysis (e.g., nuclear warfare). Supergirl decided that these two nefarious dragons were 'nihilism symbols.'


    Supergirl found Green Dragon in an eerie cave somewhere in the Americas. It was stinking and very dangerous, so Supergirl approached the beast as if she were a child to ask it why it wanted to breathe devastating fumes onto helpless human beings. The Green Dragon explained to Supergirl that the fumes represented a general moral decay in the modern world and the only reason humans were vulnerable to it was because civilization had lost its general optimism towards population temperance and became 'odious' to the gods (signaling perhaps the reign of the AntiChrist at the End of Days). Supergirl quieted Green Dragon by suggesting cleverly that the 'fumes of hell' were no more dangerous than the hurtfulness of the unsympathetic heart! She flew away from Green Dragon (who lay dormant perhaps forever) resolving to deliver optimism to Americans regarding commercial fanfare (e.g., Facebook!).


    Supergirl then flew to the location where the Frost Dragon (aka, 'Ice-Dragon') was hiding in a giant glacier formation in the Arctic. Supergirl approached the deadly creature with great care and caution, since she knew the dragon could freeze her instantly if it sensed any kind of complacent arrogance in her trepidation-filled mind. Supergirl hovered by Frost Dragon and demanded to know what kind of sin humanity had committed to warrant such terrible retribution. Frost Dragon explained that the heart of modern civilization had grown 'ice-cold' because of hypnotic obsession with profiteerism and nationalism propaganda and that humanity deserved to be shocked to death with terrible gusts of paralyzing ice. Supergirl shrewdly retorted that the destruction caused by paralyzing ice represented laziness, not spirit! As Frost Dragon recoiled in humiliation, Supergirl returned to her fortress in North America to talk with her trusted Oracle.


    Supergirl reported to Oracle that Green Dragon and Frost Dragon were dormant now (and perhaps forever) and that modern civilization was once again safe from the forces of undesirable calamity. Oracle explained that Supergirl was so heroic that Americans should dedicate a terrific television program in her honor, and Supergirl humbly told Oracle she would subtly suggest the 'patriotic gesture' to U.S. First Lady Melania Trump (who would surely be grateful that her capitalism-conscious husband President Donald Trump was safe from 'anti-capitalism monsters'!). Supergirl concluded that no dragon (fuming of freezing!) could destroy the general spirit of humanity. However, she wondered if Green Dragon and Frost Dragon had effectively somehow 'served' humanity in reminding everyone of the ever-present danger of network-age vanities. Nevertheless, Supergirl felt good about America (and Wall Street!).



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