South Korean President Lee's Bold Decision

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    International community is applauding President Myung-bak Lee as his bold decision led to the rescue of all 21 sailors aboard the South Korean freighter Samho Jewelry, hijacked by Somali Pirates.

    Many countries around the world are tracking their freighters, and escorting them with warships to fend off Somali pirates' attacks. However, during the last year alone, the Somali pirates conducted 445 raids on 53 vessels and captured 1,181 sailors. Still, 28 vessels and around 630 sailors are held captive by these pirates.
    So far, 8 South Korean vessels were captured by Somali pirates. As they tried to capture yet another freighter, Samho Jewelry, President Lee stressed non-negotiation policies and ordered a rescue mission, fully trusting the skills and capabilities of South Korean Navy's special forces(UDT/SEAL).

    President Lee's bold decision to defend the lives of sailors and prevent further losses should be applauded. In addition, the international community should bolster its cooperation in dealing with rogue pirates to eliminate them once and for all.

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