Dixie: The New Order (Wolfenstein: The New Order parody)

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    The dixiecrats are about done messing up their jobs. I'm thinking of work on a Dixie parody with illustrated comic strip form. Check out a Wolfenstein: The New Order trailers. Its about Dixie winning the war. I've only seen glib and tiny attempts at this scenario anywhere. Silly Attempts. Its certainly not neatly contained in the Political Map phenomena that developed to suit the imperial 20th century age. The maps said, Empires better not touch each others spaces! They control and educate those persons how they like! Unionists , 80% of the literate population even at that time, have made their money whitewashing the whole thing with racism?! Did a million or more people fight or die as a philosophically aligned or even clear along the lines of racial and personal intelligence? Most people know better, I dedicate such a cartoon to such people. People today take as fact and reality the fiction book Uncle Tom's cabin Harriet Beecher Stowe's fully imaginative lonely authored philosophy or John Brown's fully lonely and imagined philosophy of an unseen endangered black minority that will imminently be saved and riot, that will imminently rise up in brotherhood and revolt, when they have been given hardly any imagination outside their family or unit. Supporting John Brown's revolution sympathetically up north can cause the sort of distrust between any populations, lets go into Nebraska and tear up everything, that sort of talk that's necessary for a good 80% of a war. Historians will tell you what the captured confederate veterans say and that's, I wouldn't fight you but why are you here? What percent of people know something worse than African American slavery, how about Brazilian slavery? We imported or bought from pre-existing slave traders 300,000 slaves to become most of the African American population today while Brazil bought 5 million slaves and starved them and worked them to death without families while American slaves in the 'peculiar institution' was Highly Legitimized, not an operation of pirates, and the African population at least in number, grew equal or faster with the US population. You put together all the "Mixed Race" people of Brazil who thought nothing of mail order slave wives, compared with the US quantifiable Black population and you get about 50 million blacks each country. All that to say, people reporting black on the census average 80% black DNA, while people in the same family in Brazil will feel their Appearance is blackish more from a brother or sister, or it isn't reported at all in some countries. Bioshock Infinite set in 1912 is just too far out there, the fantasy world really isn't Revealing anything to you. Who are these brainwashed people, anyway?
    Dixie: The New Order (placeholder cover)
    General and President Frederick Douglass

    The year is 1880, in the frontiers of California, a last ditch effort against overwhelming confederate forces fails, the confederates completely took over America, and then the world! You are german American immigrant Josef Otto. You wake up from a concussion, it is the year 1914, in Alabama. What the heck! Dixie won the war! And then, the public opinion of the world! The Confederate Capital building in Montgomery is over head and next to it the small Presbyterian Church, John Calvin King Jr.'s civil rights activist marched there to defy Alabama's racist Jim Crow laws. "I Have A Dream, that little Black Masters and little White Masters will approve of each other's separate and equal facilities, I have a dream today."Everywhere you go children learn about silly Thomas Jefferson, his abused slave Sally Hemmings, his integrationist ideas with Africans and the wild Indian and assimilation. His Unite or Die poster making what it meant to be a Darn Yankee. Strict Sunday School language is enforced on Darn Yankees, completely confused about slavery. Why slavery, that's the only reason the North fought the war people say, soon, Union monuments and flags should be removed since they stand for racism on who can or cannot be a slave.

    Old Frederick Douglass recognized Robert E. Lee's "calm and gradual influence of Christianity" to free the black race in Discipline, and led the black people to a day of equality. However, he was defeated in the 1914 election of Woodrow Wilson. The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire has shown how far off the factory and bank-loving Northerners still have to go on the decencies of Morality, and Ethics! Woodrow Wilson's election was then a landslide. The Fourteen Points then are exactly the same, I guess, since a real Confederate was Actually elected in 1914. Defense to Europe's nations no matter how small and an open dealing about the consent of all Colonies! In World War 2, I bet the Reformed Churches of Europe would be the new Empire, not the liberty of a European Union. The Dutch, British, and Swiss, perhaps a Huguenot France, would be given to reshape and enslave prospective military zones of conquered Europe. The Reformed God of Andrew Jackson who cleared the Indians and opened the sovereignty of most southern states and the God of our Fathers , as was the savior and protector of the new Confederacy, would rarely be watered down for Martin Luther!

    Tell me how I'm doing, maybe Josef Otto has a fight on the moon, or something.

    I can't believe we all fought for this global great and European Christianity, to hold and slave and teach the Black man to respect, which isn't this US centric Baptists or Methodists or any of these we like to go to now. I can't believe we did that, and then in the Korean War we let Republican President Eisenhower turn the whole Reformed Church of Europe around, basically. Basically a US President was able to turn the 80 million Reformed Church mostly in Europe straight around as liberty-loving because he said so. Why are there 9 million Presbyterians in South Korea? The results are 100% in, a 1885 Presbyterian Missionary from New York, which is 95% of the way to a Dixiecrat, anyway. He said himself and the Presbyterians are diplomats for his country could and as so the United States could protect, westernize and be in alliance with a Presbyterian Kingdom of Korea, and that's why its big today, that's why its joined today, and respect for a Christian Korean government like Lee Myung Bak who jumped their numbers 20 percent, and erasing "history and heritage" for once is really hurting the international community for once. Its a controlling religion of Great Governments of Andrew Jackson's day that puts Christian Government to be obeyed and so forth. An age of crusaders who defend the states of the religion. Sorry maybe somebody can work this in to The New Order. I'm prologue rambling. They have male 2 year mandatory conscriptions in the Great State of the Republic of Korea, Andrew Jackson named our invincibility in armed militias. Everybody will be borderline racist to Koreans because we switched around all the internet age Reformed religion material?

    Chapter 2 then is something on the Bonnie Blue Flag. Bonnie is a Scottish beautiful purposefully used, to say that Scotland , the Star generally already standing for republican rather than monarchical governments I assume, Scotland is Preparing to Also Join the Bonnie Blue Flag instead of their old Bonnie Blue Flag which was a st andrew's cross. Maybe instead of the United Nations there is a Confederate Nations of Alabama, South Carolina, Tennesse, Scotland, Netherlands, Switzerland might remain a neutral country. Confederate Nations get to do things that are alike to their own character, where as United Nations tend to get voted out of resolutions, which is the point here, like Abraham Lincoln's 2nd election near the end of the war, which seems like an understated morale buster. Andrew Jackson already named repeatedly every speech the confederacy of the states and their confederate relations ,a reality of government, that the states wouldn't stand the presence of a few thousand Indians over the progress of 12 million happy people's civilization calling for their removal, such leaders also preside a Confederate Nations. A tiny government asked for the resources from the states, which is how a European Union works still I suppose, for a While Longer.
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