*Should China Change Thier Name To*: *CHEAPER?*

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*Is CheaperCare Better?*

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    *************FROM THE MIND AND DESK OF CHESSWARSNOW***************

    1. I was thinking as usual, and came up with an idea, maybe China needs a name change?
    2. They always make things *cheaper* than anyone else can possiblly make stuff, then flood the market making them, gathering the biggest market share sooner or later then starve out the competition.
    3. While they wait for more orders to come in, and man oh man they can wait, they know you will keep ordering because its so very cheap, and not wise not too.
    4. This is either *brilliant* or *devilish*.
    5. No one can compete in a market they decide to take over, its like, *Well give it up, because I can never keep up with them!*
    6. Then they steal our ideas, then sale them back to us.
    7. We either got to learn how to compete, or else I see us all just waiting for *China/Cheaper*, to make every single thing we need, and then figure out a way to take care of us when we all get too old to take care of ourselves as thousand fall into this catagory each week. (Can you see where this is going now?)
    8. I wonder how good they are in the *healthcare industry*, can we hire them out to this too?
    9. Healthcare costs are killing the American economy all over, we can't afford it, lets start a second healthcare system, and anyone who wants to dump the current system can and go with an all new, *Cheaper Healtcare*, which anyone who wants to go to this new system can; can't we have *healthcare* as an open market, pay as you go, you get really sick, need some help, they fix you up and then charge you no more than 350.00 dollars, makes no differance what it is, they cover everything, and *ALL* you pay for is only 350.00 dollars, period, broken bones, apendix, heart surgery, brain, cancer, whatever, oh you get it.
    10. On the other hand we have this old expensive system, where if people want to pay out the ying yang for it, then okay, fine, stay there and you do that, its a free country, and free market, but anyone who wants to go with the *Cheaper Care*, can, and we will see in the open market which one wins in the long run and the short run.:clap2:
    11. *CHEAPERCARE* made in China, they can ship over about ten million doctors and ten million nurses, set up shop and wham, its done!
    12. Twenty million Chinese is nothing, they got lots more people still there who can make our stuff we need, its really a *no brainer*.
    13. You can thank me later, I know no one would of ever thought of this, but you know how it is, when you get paid the *big bucks* like *CWN* does, its just what I do man!:lol:
    14. And no, you have never heard this idea before, its above everyone's *paygrade*.

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