Someones eyes, really matters! (WARNING, girly thread from Venus!)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Care4all, Sep 13, 2009.

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    Are eyes really the window to ones soul?

    Looking back on my life, the eyes have been the most important organ of my own body when it comes to relationships, whether friendly, acquaintance, or deeply meaningful...

    Yeah, yeah, yeah....certainly my sexual organ has come in to importance and using my brain as well....but my eyes and the contact of my eyes with people have been the single most important 'thing' in really "reading" people.

    I mean, my eyes read actions and movements and body language of the other person talking or trying to make a point...granted, my ears are important here as well but my eyes, looking in to his or her eyes while they are speaking is the key to me reading the other person as precisely as I he sincere in what he is saying, is she secure in what she is saying, or is he lying about what he is saying....most of these type things for nme are 'read' with the eyes.

    And even with Matthew and me, when we first fell in eyes had such an important part in it, along with his eyes that is....

    that twinkle, that fleeting look of passion that locked for a second between your eyes and his, that made your inner self squirm and melt.

    My eyes helped me decide if matt was honest, if he was sincere, if he truly loved his fellow man or me even, and loved kids or looking for a lasting relationship or just merely a toss in the hay....

    Saying all of this...and how important I believe eye contact is in getting that flutter, fluttering in real life... or in reading the body language of what another person is saying in real life....and many other ways that ones eyes come in to play in real life....

    Are we all at a disadvantage when arguing Politics on this board, in just simple print.

    Are there other ways to compensate for not having your eyes and their eyes to see in to ones soul...? The honesty in it or sincerity in it....?

    Or would people REALLY be as RUDE as they are to another human being that they were debating politics with if they were doing such in person?

    Would ones eye contact with the other debater, help ease the tension because the sincerity from both sides with differing beliefs showed through the madness, with the eye contact?

    Even hearing another person's voice gives advantage over just reading what they say in print, don't you think?

    I have communicated on YM with many different posters over the years, where we have used the voice function...and even with my political foes, it was easier for me to understand his or her side better by just talking verses the typing on the board....

    i guess the more senses we can utilize, the better we can truly communicate and understand each other...

    Though eyes are what seal the deal for the end....what about you?


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