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    Got this off facebook.

    Jerusalem, Israel

    "January 21, 2013"

    "The Jerusalem Post"

    Yesterday (Sunday January 20, 2013) In Washington, D.C.
    The Newly Elected President Of The United States Of American.
    After Her Defeating Of The Obama/Clinton Democratic Party Ticket.
    The Newly Republican Elected Mrs. Sarah Palin (AKA Sarahcuda/Ex-Governor Of Alaska) Issued Her First Executive Order.

    As The First Female President Of The United States.
    It Came To No Surprise To Those That Voted For Her (77%).
    That She Kept Her First Promise As She Finished Taking Her Oath Of Office With Her Left Hand On The Historical Lincoln Bible And A Copy Of The Constitution In Her Right Hand.
    She Swore To Uphold Thus Constitution, And In Saying Those Last Words "So Help Me God".
    She Added Her Own Words, "In The Name Of Jesus Christ Our Lord".

    The Crowd Of Millions That Gathered For This Historical Moment In America's History, In Washington, D.C..
    Roared With One Voice Of Unity The Universal Word " Hallelujah'.
    This Seemed Fitting To This Reporter.
    Since It Was The American's Normal Day Of Worship.

    Then In The Crowd One Lone Muslim Woman A "Naturalized Citizen" Started Chanting, "Sarah...Sarah...Sarah.....Sarah!!!!"
    Within Seconds The Mass Of Millions Were Calling Out The Newly Elected President's Name.

    This Reporter Never Heard Such A Vocalization As This.
    The Only Thing That Can Be Compared To The Noise, Was The Roar Of Niagara Falls, This Reporter Heard Once While Visiting The Site.
    With The Motion Of Her Hand She Tried To Quail The Crowd's Attention.
    But, They Just Got Louder Due To The Fact That Mrs. Palin Was Holding The Copy Of The Constitution In Her Hand At The Time.
    Once Realizing This.
    She Handed The Document To Her Vice-President Alan Keyes.
    Who In Turn Unrolled The Document And Ran From One End Of The Podium To The Next End And Back Several Times With The Document Held Out In Front Of Him Showing The Crowd And Pointing At It With His Left Index Finger.
    Quoting The Words,"WE THE PEOPLE, WE THE PEOPLE!!!".

    After About One Half An Hour, This Jubilant Crowd, Finally Gave In To The Waves Of Mrs. Palin's Hands To Calm Down.
    She Then Began To Speak These Words.
    Pausing At Times, As The Crowd Applauded.
    As They Hung On To Each And Every Word.
    "I Promised You ...... As I was Running For President Of These United States.......
    That I Would Keep My Promises ......... And I Will Do Such....... For The Promises I Made To You Were Made With An Oath To GOD......
    But, There Was One Secret Surprise Promise ........ That I Said I Would Tell You ......And Sign It As My First Executive Order ........ Signing It Here In Front Of You And Act Upon It Immediately.

    At Those Words Mrs. Palin Took A Pen From Mr. Keyes And Signed The Document.
    Then Handed It Over To General Stanley McChrystal And Told Him.
    "Now Go Do Your Job."

    The Crowd Was Dumbfounded To What The Order Was.
    When President Palin Stepped Up To The Microphone And Said.
    "I Just Gave My First Order ....... As Commander-In-Chief To Our New Secretary Of State ....... And General Over The All The Armed Forces, General McChrystal, To Track Down & Arrest ........ Those Traitors Of These United States .........During The Last 4 Plus Years.

    Those Of The Congress .........Are Included In This Order......Those Who Sided With The Enemies Of America....... All Will Come Before Our Court Systems......And I Guarantee ........ They Will Be Prosecuted To The Maximum Penalty That Our Laws Allow....... It's My ....... Understanding.........That Word Was Leaked Out ....... And Some Have Fled Our Nation........... But, We Shall Prevail And .......Bring Them To Justice."

    Then She Continued,"I Have But Two More Things To Say........Then We Must Stop This Celebration & Get Down To Business......... First...... Hope & Change Stops Here....... This Constitution (Holding Up The Document) Is Just Fine .......The Way Our Forefathers Wrote It Up."

    The Crowd Roared.
    Then Slowly Began To Calm Down To Hear Every Word Mrs. Palin Had To Say.

    "Barack Hussein Obama's Name ........ And All He Did To Our Nation ....... The Lasted Four Years Are Now ....... And Forever Null & Void........ They Will Be Deleted From Our History ...... This Will Be Done!!!"
    "My Bloodhounds.......... Those Of America's Friends From Israel, ...... Are At The Present Moment.......Tracking Him Down In Kenya."
    He Thought He Would Be Safe ........ And Get Away With What He Did To Us ..... All Of Us, In Our Great GOD Given Nation.......
    Well,...... Not When This Hockey Mom ........ Is In Charge Of The Puck."

    With That She Turned And Walk With Mr. Keyes At Her Side To The Limo.
    Then On To The White House.
    While The People Of The United States Continued The Celebration Singing The Words Of The Old Song, "The Battle Hymn Of The Republic".

    This Morning, As The Sun Came Up, In A Village, In Kenya.
    Israeli Commandos Captured Barry Soetoro Hiding In A Cave Near His Grandmother's House.
    The Former President Gave Up Peacefully With No Resistances.
    It Was Said He Started To Cry And Pray To allah.
    When One of The Female Commandos Told Him To Shut His Mouth.
    He Then Stopped And Lowered His Head Into His Hands.
    A Defeated Man.
    He Is In A Israeli Jail In Jerusalem Waiting For Transport To The Newly Restored Gitmo In Cuba.
    He Is To Join Others That Are There At The Present.
    Including The Recently Captured By The I.D.F.
    The Fugitive Osama Bin Laden And Many Other Of His Cohorts.

    Reported By: Benjamin Davidson, Tele Aviv, Israel

    Of Course We All Know This Is Just A Tale.
    A Dream Of All True Patriotic Americans.
    And Many In Israelis.
    But, All I Can Say Is.
    I Can Dream, ........... Can't I ???
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    The Other Side of Paradise
    you should seriously be negged for that one.


    now i have to go clean my brain. *shivers*
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    Never going to happen

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