Soldier's Christmas Eve

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    Sin City
    by War News Updates Editor

    [ame=]The Scooter Brown Band "When The Whiskey Starts Talkin" ***LIVE*** - YouTube[/ame]

    Soldier's Christmas Eve -- Elise Cooper, American Thinker @ Blog: Soldier's Christmas Eve

    While many soldiers coming back from deployment have shown their talents by writing books about their experiences, one former Marine, Scott Brown, chose to become a songwriter and a performer. The result is a group, the Scooter Brown Band, that sounds a lot like Jackson Browne with songs that have an Eagles tone to them. The band has just released for the holiday season a very powerful and heart-wrenching song, "Soldier's Christmas Eve," the title of which says it all. American Thinker interviewed Brown about his songs and aspirations.

    You can hear the song here @ Scooter Brown :: Soldier's Christmas Eve - sce_2011

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