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    I am conducting a study to understand the relationship between the representation of political discourse on social media and concrete political action such as voter turnout, campaign donations, and canvasing. My father always told me that people vote in the booth only a few times a year, but vote every day with their dollars. The financial competition between candidates is as much front page news as the differences in their political attitudes. That is why I have decided that I would use the same political force that will determine our elections to carry out my study: The American Dollar.

    Feedback on this is greatly appreciated. In under 24hrs the amount of data I already have is amazing beneficial. I will include the links to the pages below.

    Click here to support Give$1 As Your Donald Trump Support by zachery Hyde
    Click here to support Give$1As Your Bernie Sanders Suppot by zachery Hyde
    Click here to support Give$1As Your HillaryClintonSupport by zachery Hyde

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