So Comey can't comment now till the investigation is over, but he had

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    no problem before the election. He overstepped his bounds by coming out with the Weiner stuff before investigating, which is why he still has his job , I would bet. PS: While Weiner is not a good husband, the 15 year old from NC and we know how low the GOP is in NC, seems funny the father and the 15 year old went to the Daily Beast, then the girl says she would rather not press charges , and the Father didn't as well. Really, so

    lets recap: Weiner knew she was underage and porn and lewd comments were texted between the 2 for several months, but the FBI is just going to dismiss it. Gone away, because the 15 year old said it was consensual, so is porn ok between older men and young teens due to being consensual. She said he knew her age in the article. I say it was a set up, those GOP in NC and how reacted to the new Dem Governor is atrocious.


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