Snowden (2016 film) really shows what a piece of shit Obama is.

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    "Hope and change" my ass. The only change Obama brought was to greatly expand and increase the surveillance state of ordinary Americans. What Obama did makes Richard Nixon's Watergate look like jay walking.

    The film does a great job of portraying very dry information about surveillance, the intelligence agencies, and Edward Snowden's story in a cinematic way without making it too over-stylized.

    One of the big surprises for me was actor Rhys Ifans as Corbin O’Brian. Corbin O'Brian sort of plays the antagonist in the film, but he's not a two dimensional villain. You can understand his motivations for why he is the way he is, but I still side with Snowden.

    Did Snowden break the law? Absolutely, but he did it as a whistleblower despite what the faggots at CNN might say. Speaking of CNN, this movie shows what an utter embarrassment the mainstream media is when it comes to investigating real stories. Instead, they'd rather have 24/7 coverage of a bullshit, fake Trump/Russia collusion lie than investigate anything real.

    At a bare minimum, Snowden deserves a chance to come home and face a public trial. At best, he deserves a full pardon for having done a great service for the American people and the rest of the world. But I know neither one of those things will happen.

    This film is surreal at times, because I've been following the story ever since it broke. I've watched a good number of interviews with Edward Snowden (as well as other whistleblowers like William Binney), and I watched the Edward Snowden documentary, "CitizenFour," which I highly recommend:

    I'm giving the film a 10/10 simply for the fact that Oliver Stone was able to make this very dry subject matter watchable. What I really loved about the film is that it did not have any elaborate chase scenes such as in Jason Bourne or James Bond movies. They didn't ramp up the action just for the sake of drama. In fact, there is really no action in this film at all.

    I felt like I was watching a documentary with actual footage mixed in with dramatic reenactments. The most powerful moments in the film, IMO, are when they show Obama, James Clapper, etc. straight up lying to the American people.

    Also, even though I knew this story pretty well and had seen the documentary, I still think the film was worth watching since it fills in a lot of the gaps (albeit in a semi-fictional, cinematic way) such as what Snowden's day-to-day life was like at the CIA and as a government contractor for the NSA. It also shows what was going on between him and his girlfriend who has mostly stayed out of the news.

    Seeing what Snowden saw while working for the CIA and NSA really shows why he did what he did.

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    I knew what a piece of shit that meat puppet faggot was when he was asked about his plan to close gitmo.

    After about 30 seconds of stuttering and uhh... he said he "has a plan too... come up with a plan..."

    He was either criminally negligent, or deliberately and maliciously undermining this country.

    I'm convinced the former is the case.
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