Should America abolish freedom?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bush lover, Dec 11, 2005.

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    Feb 18, 2005
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    I think Bush responded well after 9/11. He refrained from setting up a police state to corral terrorists. He constantly emphasized our values of freedom and individual privacy and rights. But Congress keeps chipping away. They pass law after law that curbs our freedom little by little. The Brits in 1812 failed to accomplish that, neither did the South in 1861, Hitler in WW2, Stalin, Mao, Castro etc. Will our Congress, for fear of a terrorist under every bed like in the 50s when there was a Commie under every bed, surrender our freedom that easily? Are Americans really so soft that we can let a rag-tag bunch of terrorists who got lucky a couple of times destroy more than 200 years of INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM, the only country in the world that has such? Whatever happened to the Rugged Individualist who questions authority and takes a stand against the excesses of Government? I think that rather than dismantle our unique freedom and Constitution, Congress and the American people should give Bin Laden and his followers the collective finger. Bush should step up and make that abundantly clear and disown the would-be facist wing of our party. Republicans used to stand for maximum individual freedom and responsibility, making a police state or nanny government unnecessary. What happened folks?

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