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    Illegal immigration and Abortion
    So how are those two seemingly unrelatable items relatable?
    Due to the overwhelming popularity of murdering the defenseless unborn, there is a big whole in our economy. We need about forty million or so warm bodies to replace those flushed, forcepted, (forcertpd?), vacuumed and otherwise disposed of by women too dumb to cross their legs or take the pill.( And/ or men not raised by two parents to be fearful of God or willing to accept responsibility for their actions).
    So.......How do you get them? The warm bodies I mean. Well, statistically second generation "Americans" of European descent always contribute to our ethnic pantheon in a positive way and certainly Europe doesn't have any bodies to spare what with their negative birth rate and all. (Putin is pretty cool naming a f*** holiday). [As a matter of fact Europe has their own lack of worker problem, ( they are fundamentally to lazy and self absorbed to f*** and/ or raise families), but they have to solve theirs with Islamic people that are unassimilateable in the extreme, (see Paris, car burning, cartoon silliness, etc),]. Abortion, like any government program instituted ,(so far), has many far reaching and totally unpredictable results. ( See welfare, destruction of traditional family, crime.).........................
    the 'ol perfessor
    PS so lets try something unimportant like healthcare this time to see if anything has changed.
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