See the real judicial system.

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    I wrote a book titled Just Cause Just Facts.

    Its on the amazon website. You can read excerpts. The book explains the legal process that put me into Federal Prison for 9 years. I used verbatim transcript for precise accuracy and because the real dialogue is much more entertaining than any novel writer could dream up.

    It includes many of my prison experiences with mob guys like Gene Gotti, Joe Gambino, and Mario Gallo. Mario murdered Gus Farace to make the Feds happy because Farace murdered a DEA agent.

    One event was when the US Attorney Mary Jo White gave an assignment to a mob rat, Anthony Sarivola to threaten me if I didn't get involved in a plot to kidnap Judge Nevas. Can any fiction writer dream up a crazier story?

    I wrote the book to expose the real judicial system in case you haven't guessed.

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