Save Gas and Oil - Use Moonshine!

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    Ya know - I was watching a re-run of Dukes of Hazzard the other week on CMT when "Uncle Jesse" entered a contest in which his moonshine was used to power a gas motor - I had no idea it could actually work.. lol

    Moonshining Techniques Help Americans Fight High Gas Prices
    LAKE ORION, Mich. (Wireless Flash) – Americans who want to fight back against high gas prices are taking a tip from moonshiners.
    That’s according to an unemployed Michigan ditch-digger who is using his time off to build personal home distilleries that let folks turn corn, potatoes or other starchy materials into ethanol – an alcohol that can be used to power cars.

    It’s basically the same process used to make moonshine, except you mix a little bit of gasoline in the final product so it will burn properly in an auto engine.

    Inventor Paul Cavalloro’s Micro Fuel Plant can produce four gallons of fuel per day from 20 gallons of liquified apples, corn or other raw materials.

    He says you can run the plant in your kitchen from a gas stove and the resulting fuel would cost you only $1.40 per gallon – plus it burns cleaner and more efficiently than gas.

    Cavalloro says he’s had 36 orders for the stills since he started selling them for $250 a pop a few days ago, mostly to people in high gas price hubs like California.

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