Sarah Palin: Copenhagen,…Obama’s Cap-and-Trade Will Kill the Economy…

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    By Keith Johnson

    In case you missed it, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin called for President Obama to “boycott Copenhagen” in an op-ed in the Washington Post today. The piece has, predictably, got the blogosphere abuzz—both for what she says and the fact that she got to say it all.
    First, Gov. Palin’s piece takes aim at the Copenhagen climate talks by linking them to the “Climategate” email scandal, which she says undermines the science behind the meeting in the first place. Then she goes back to familiar ground, arguing that the Obama administration’s plan to curb greenhouse-gas emissions will poleax the U.S. economy.

    The reactions have been fast and furious. The Huffington Post wonders why Gov. Palin got more space from the WaPo; she did another op-ed critical of the administration’s plans recently. That wraps into wider criticism of the Washington Post, where George Will regularly infuriates environmentalists with his dismissals of global warming. More on that fallout over at the Atlantic Wire.

    Gov. Palin’s piece comes in the middle of pushback against the whole idea that the world even needs to reach agreement to curb emissions at Copenhagen—and that the U.S. needs to play a leading role.

    National Review, for instance, sets out to slay the dragon, as it were: “More maddening, this tax-and-spend treaty is a costly solution to an imaginary problem. So-called ‘global warming’ threatens Earth about as urgently as does the Loch Ness Monster.”

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    Ct Patriot.. Like Ive been trying to say… Cap and tax , Healthcare “reform”, and the Copenhagen treaty … are all about the same thing… Taxes ie: Redistribution of wealth…and Total Control over every aspect of our lives… Now i know some of the really weak among us love this idea… But I have to believe that the vast majority of us Americans would prefer the Freedom our founding fathers invisioned… not the tyranny they left England because of….

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