*Samuel L. Stay Out Of Politics Dude!*

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    Sorry bout that,

    1. But Sammy, you sound unhinged dude!
    2. I know you are talking to the negros, but really, isn't that kind of racist?
    3. You are saying, "Hey Negro Bro, Get All This Free Shit, Vote For Obama" while you make millions a movie, you tell fellow negros, to suck off of the government tit.
    4. How do you justify that dude?
    5. I never thought you were that fucking stupid???
    6. Link:Samuel L. Jackson Asks Voters To ‘Wake The F—’ Up, Support Obama « CBS DC

    "WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Hold on to your butts. The Samuel L. Jackson political ad has been released and he’s asking Americans to “wake the f— up.”

    In perhaps the most anticipated political ad of the election season from either side of the aisle was released today from the Jewish Council on Research and Education, featuring an impassioned Jackson urging voters leaning toward GOP candidate Mitt Romney instead of President Barack Obama to reconsider their choice come November.

    Flanked by a young girl, Jackson and the girl attempt to convince the girl’s family to step up and reelect the president. The video is vintage Jackson, littered with creative ways to drop the F-bomb throughout the course of a project that also lays out some of the differences between Obama and Romney."

    7. Negro's don't wander too far off the plantation, why so much concern Samuel?

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