Sacrificial souls - theory and practice.

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    The Catholic Church has this terminology called sacrificial souls. But I think they didn't invent it, and this was observed a lot before their time too, including in the Jewish religion, for at least 6000 years.

    So, what are sacrificial souls? The easiest example is people who were born to do and cause nothing but problems which get them step by step closer to hell every day. Satan is waiting for them, counting each of their actions, and God knows the entire process as it goes on. Sacrificial souls can also easily get many visitors from hell, even way before they complete their path to it. The easiest of such visits can be observed in children, but in many adults too.

    What can if anything, a sacrificial soul do to turn around and not complete its way to hell? And why is Satan and hell so eagerly interested in select individuals, from even as early as their births? Is this arranged by God? Probably not and a very interesting satanic trick is possibly what we have at hand.

    Your take?
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    It's a demonic teaching. The basic message is that a child or an adult has to become the sacrifice of suffering for God in order to bring the unsaved to him (as if people were now going to replace the Holy Spirit - that is the Holy Spirit's work to draw a person to Jesus Christ - not the suffering of some child or adult) and the other type of suffering so that the damned can be released from hell. It is totally unscriptural and no where to be found in the Bible.

    These are demons seducing people into delusions of some sort of martyrdom where they suffer or let their children suffer for the Catholic church so that they can become "saviors" of the damned.

    There is one Savior. His name is Jesus Christ and He alone is the perfect (and one time) sacrifice to God for our sins. Satan most definitely uses these types of false demonic teachings to harm people with. Have nothing to do with it and if you're in Catholicism - get out of it. It's a religion with roots in the occult. Therein the sacrificial soul teaching. It's satanic.

    Salvation is a free gift. Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. You cannot earn it. You cannot get salvation from a church, a priest, a pope, or a religion. You receive salvation from Jesus Christ alone. See Romans 10:9,10 and John Chapter 3.
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